Cromwell 'Daedalus' Stonefoot

Dwarven Tank


Character: Race: Dwarf, Shield Character Level: 7 Class: Fighter Level: 4 Type: Favored Class: Dwarven Fighter Level: 2 Type: Substitute Level Class: Warblade Level: 1 Type: Multi-Class Region: Mithril Hall/Spine of the World Size: Medium Alignment: Lawful Neutral Religion/Diety: Oghma, Gond, Moradin Height: 5’ 1” Weight: 180 Looks: Fair Skin, Silver Blue Eyes, Red Hair, Long Beard, Looks like a Dwarf. Experience: 24,300 Needed for Next Level: 31,000

Abilities: Modifier Total Ability Enhancement Misc. Mod. Strength +4 18 18 0 0 Dexterity +2 15 15 0 0 Constitution +4 18 18 0 0 Intelligence +2 14 14 0 0 Wisdom 0 10 10 0 0 Charisma -3 4 4 0 0 Comeliness +1 12 12 0 0

Hit Points: 87

Combat: Speed: 20 regular, 40 hustle Initiative: +2

Offense: Base Attack: +7/+2 Bonus Damage Critical Type Notes: Primary Weapon: Urgrosh Axe 6(12/7) 1D8/1D10 +4 x3 S Axe Focus Secondary Weapon: Urgrosh Spear 5(11/6) 1D6/1D8 +4 x2 P Readied against Charge x2 damage Misc. Weapon: Heavy Steel Shield 4(9/2) 1D4/1D6 +4 x2 B Looses 5 AC if Shield Bashing. *with Combat Expertise active.

Offensive Maneuvers/Feats:

Racial Foe:* +2 Damage to Orcs, Goblinoids, and Giants. Hold the Line: Make an attack of opportunity against any opponent who charges into/through a threatened area. The attack take place immediately (before the charge attack is resolved) Wall of Pole-arms: If adjacent an ally is wielding a spear, +2 on spear attack rolls. Must be chosen at the beginning of the combat round via Formation Expert feat. Mountain Hammer Strike: +2D6 Damage, overcome Hardness or Damage Reduction* Stonevice: +1D6 Damage, immobilizes target* Bullrush: Strength check against opponent (+/-4 per size difference). Winner pushed the looser back 5ft if that space is occupied the looser is knocked prone. Causes an attack of opportunity. Charge: Must move at least 10ft and have a clear path. +2 to attack and -2 to AC. Disarm: Melee attack roll against opponent with respective weapons (+4 if 2-Handed/Size Difference, -4 if Light). If opponent looses the opponent is disarmed, if you loose the opponent can attempt to disarm without causing an attack of opportunity. Causes an attack of opportunity.


Total Armor Shield Dexterity Misc.

Armor Class 33* (28) 11 5 1 +4 vs. Giants, +1 Lock Shields,+1 Dodge, +5 Combat Expertise, +2 vs. LargerTargets

Touch AC: 11 Flat-Footed: 27

Saving Throws: Total: Base: Ability: Misc: Fortitude: 11 7 4 +2 against Poisons, +2 against Spell and Spell like abilities. Reflex: 4 2 2 +2 against Spell and Spell like abilities, +2 if not Flat Footed. Will: 2 2 0 +2 against Spell and Spell like abilities.

Defensive Maneuvers/Feats:

Combat Expertise: Can -5 from Base Attack and add +5 to AC Dodge: Can add +1 AC against 1 foe per round. Lock Shields: If an adjacent ally has a Heavy/Tower Shield +1 AC, must be chosen at the beginning of the combat round from Formation Expert. Stonebones: Gains 5/DR* Stonefoot Stance: +2 on all Strength Checks, +2 AC against Larger Targets Battle Clarity: As long as not flat footed intelligence bonus is applied to Reflex Save.

Feats/Special Abilities:

Thunder Twin: Cromwell has a Twin Brother in Mithril Hall. Cromwell can make a Wisdom check DC12 to detect the direction (including elevation) to his Brother. Also receives +2 to all Charisma checks. Axe Focus: +1 to Attack with Axes (counts as Weapons Focus for feat requirements). Racial Foe: +2 Damage to Orcs, Goblins, and Giants. Combat Expertise: Can take upto 5 from Base Attack and add it to Dodge bonus. Dodge: During combat can choose 1 opponent and receive a +1 Dodge bonus against them. Hold the Line: Gain an attack of opportunity against a charging opponent who enters a threatened area. This attack takes place immediately before the charge attack is resolved. Formation Expert: At the beginning of each Combat Round choose one of the following formations Lock Shields: In an adjacent Ally has a Shield +1 to AC. Step Into the Breach: When an Ally falls in combat and you are within one combat move you make immediately move to that location as if you had a move readied. Allies must occupy each space between the fallen ally and yourself. Wall of Pole-arms: If you and an adjacent ally are wielding spears gain +2 to attack rolls. Darkvison: 60ft. Stone Cunning: +2 on all rolls involving stone, metal, and gems. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Proficient with all non-exotic weapons and armor. Weapon Familiarity (Dwarven): Proficient with all Dwarven weapons. Stability: +4 on all Balance checks from effects such as Bull Rush, Overrun, Trip, etc. Battle Clarity: As long as not flat footed intelligence bonus is applied to Reflex Save. Weapon Aptitude: Can change weapons specific feats i.e Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, etc. with an hours practice.

Maneuvers: Maneuvers can be readied with 5 minutes practice per day, and can be regained with a Swift Action followed by a melee attack or a Standard Action and nothing else.

Mountain Hammer Strike: +2D6 Damage, overcome Hardness or Damage Reduction Stonevice: +1D6 Damage, immobilizes target Fortitude DC 16 to not be immobilized. Stonebones: Gains 5/DR


Stonefoot Stance: +2 on all Strength Checks, +2 AC against Larger Targets


Skill Name: Key Ability: Total: Ability Mod: Rank Mod: Misc. Mod: Appraise INT 3/9 +2 +1 +2 Stone Cunning, +2 Artisan Tools, +2 Magnifying Glass Balance* DEX -3 +2 +4 -9 from Armor Bluff CHA -1 -3 +2 Thunder Twin Climb* STR +4 +4 -9 from Armor Concentration CON +4 +4 Craft, Armorsmithing INT +19 +2 +9 +2 Stone Cunning, +2 Mastereork Tools, +2 Blacksmithing, +2 Engineering Craft, Blacksmithing INT +19 +2 +9 See Craft Armorsmithing Craft, Mining INT +17 +2 +9 +2 Stone Cunning, +2 Masterwork Tools, +2 Engineering Diplomacy CHA -1 -3 +2 Thunder Twin Disguise CHA -1 -3 +2 Thunder Twin Escape Artist* DEX -7 +2 -9 from Armor Forgery DEX +2 +2 Gather Information CHA -1 -3 +2 Thunder Twin Handle Animal CHA -1 -3 +2 Thunder Twin Heal WIS 0 0 Hide* DEX -7 +2 -9 from Armor Intimidate CHA -1 -3 +2 Thunder Twin Jump* STR -5 +4 -9 from Armor Knowledge, Engineering WIS +13 0 +9 +2 Stone Cunning, +2 Armorsmithing Knowledge, History WIS 0 0 Shield Dwarf Knowledge, Local WIS 0 0 Sabreen Knowledge, Local WIS 0 0 Mithril Hall Listen WIS 0 0 Martial Lore INT +2 +2 Move Silently* DEX -7 +2 -9 from Armor Perform CHA -1 -3 +2 Thunder Twin Ride DEX +2 +2 Search INT +2 +2 Sense Motive WIS 0 0 Spot WIS 0 0 Survival WIS 0 0 Swim* STR -14 +4 -18 from Armor Tumble* DEX -7 +2 -9 from Armor Use Rope DEX +2 +2

Languages: Common, Undercommon, Dwarven, Terran


Born in 1320 as one of the first Thunder Children of the Shield Dwarves. Cromwell was a reclusive youth who spent most of his time studying the arts of science. Cromwell’s brother Lofar was quite the opposite he was boysterous and charismatic. This caused a huge rivalry between the brothers however the Dwarven honor of family overruled anything that would allow the rivalry to become anything other than a competition of skill.

During their schooling Cromwell chose to master in Armorsmithing while his brother who was equally skilled chose Weaponsmithing. Both of the Stonefoot children were extraordinary in their abilty to master the Dwarven Arts. This caused further animosity between Cromwell and other Dwarves as Cromwell seemed reclusive, arrogant, and haughty.

By 1345 the Stonefoot brothers had graduated from their studied and were set to enroll in the Mithril Hall military as was common for every dwarven male. The night before the graduating university class was at a tavern nearby when the song ‘Ga Nomes’ played sending a group of Gnomes into a bar brawl. The Dwarven class joined in bringing a group of Elven nobility into the brawl. At the end when the nights watch was clearing the brawl up all of the Dwarves vouched that they were defending themselves however they forgot about Cromwell the recluse.

Cromwell spent the year in an Elvish prison for assault. After he was released Cromwell joined the military a year behind his brother. During the year in prision Cromwell’s behaviour changed, instead of being reclusive he learned to be sarcastic, cynical, and full of satiric repitore, he became a quick mouthed smart ass.

While in the military Cromwell became infatuted with the fallen empire of Roldilar who controlled Sabreen underneath the City of Ravens. The fighting style closely resembled that of Unther and Chessenta using organized military formations rather than chaotic manuvers.

In 1369 the War of Gold and Gloom begins when an army of Gold Dwarves and Duarger both invade Deep Shannatar. Cromwell in his 18th year of military service is sent with a company of Shield Dwarves to aide the Gold Dwarves. Cromwell is deeply shaken by the fact that the Duarger are Dwarfs too and yet they are treated as enemies. This furthers Cromwells desire for a united Dwarven Empire.

Cromwell vows to destroy the Mind Flayers control over the Duarger and release his cousins from the control of the dark forces of the underdark.

In 1371 Cromwell was refused reenlistment in the Mithral Hall military. Cromwell then travelled to Chessenta to learn the military tactics of the ancient humans that resembled Roldilar. Cromwell spent his time as a military consultants aiding the Chessenta in building fortifactions among trade routes and board strongholds.

In 1379 when Tchazzar the Red Dragon took full control over Chessenta Cromwell had to flee the country to Cormyr. Cromwell then travelled to Suzail awaiting his next step.

Cromwell 'Daedalus' Stonefoot

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